This Woman WATCHED Herself Having a Stroke & Lived to Tell the Tale

I want to share this amazing TED talk by Jill Bolte Taylor that will give you more insight into the power of your amazing brain!

She is a neuroscientist who WATCHED herself having a stroke – I LOVE psychology but seriously, I would probably be more focused on getting to hospital if it were me.

Half of her brain stopped functioning. That’s it, KAPUT. This means that there were certain things she could not do like walking, talking and all those things we just take for granted.

Anyway, she explains her powerful story about how she used neuroplasticity to reprogram her functioning side of the brain to act as a normal brain.  So she taught herself to walk and talk again.

Jill is a perfect example of neuroplasticity at its best. You see, you have the power to help your brain rewire by using tools such as EFT, hypnosis and visualisation.

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