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There is nothing worse than being unprepared for a potential beauty disaster like finding a few stray hairs growing outside of your otherwise perfectly groomed eyebrows, or finding a huge pimple that has made its was onto your face. Or maybe last minute you’ve been invited to drinks with a really hot guy or have been invited to some really awesome event after work but didn’t bring any makeup with you. Well I’ve come up with the top beauty bag essential you should have with you at all times so you can be prepared for anything.

1. An all in one CC Cream

Arbonne CC Cream

A good CC cream like this Arbonne Cream will save you time and space in your beauty bag. A good CC cream should be a 10-in-1 product that acts as the following:
1. Foundation
2. Primer
3. Protector
4. Concealer
5. Hydrator
6. Mattifier
7. Brightener
8. Blemish Cover
9. Pore Refiner
10. Calmer

This means you can just wash your face and then put the CC cream on and skip the moisturiser and primer. Then, if there are still a few blemishes visible you can pop on some concealer, which brings me to the next product.

2. Concealer


It’s important to have a good cream concealer on hand just in case any pimples happen to pop up, or if you have nags under your eyes. The CC cream should do most of the covering up but sometimes stubborn pimple can find their way through or if you’re really tired your under eye bags can often come out so using a concealer can help lighten and brighten under your eyes. For a natural cruelty free concealer that is kind to your skin try this Arbonne one or for a concealer with a built in applicator brish try the NARS creamy concealer.

3. Tweezers


Your eyebrows really do make a huge difference to your face so un-groomed eyebrows can really effect your whole makeup look. So having some tweezers on hand to get rid of any obvious stray hairs before your next eyebrow wax is a lifesaver. Mehaz tweezers are the best type to get as they really help you get those stubborn hairs.

4. Lip balm


There is nothing worse than dry chapped lips especially if you want to put lipstick on so lip balm is a must have my favourite is this one is my favourite because it also has SPF in there which will protect your lips from the sun. Or if you prefer more of a creamy one Lucas Paw Paw ointment is also a good one. Extra Tip: You can also use your lip balm on other dray areas of your face.

5. Lipstick – As a lipstick and blush


Save space in your makeup bag by choosing a lip stick that can also double as a cream blush, if you love wearing red lipstick then you can dab a small amount on your cheeks to give you a nice flush or if you have paler skin a nice peach colour will look beautiful on your lips and cheeks. Arbonne has a great chemical free lipstick that has watermelon and pineapple extract which is great for your lips and skin with an amazing range of colours.

6. Eye-shadow that doubles as a highlighter


Find a gold, bone or linen coloured eye shadow like this one that you can use as an eye-shadow and also a highlighter to highlight the features you want to stand out on your face. If you’re not sure what strobing or highlighting is check out this article.

7. Pencil Eyeliner

Choose a good brown or black eyeliner so you can create a smoky eye or winged liner in case you need to vamp your look up for dinner or a night out.

8. Mascara

If I could only choose one makeup product to have in my bag it would be mascara. A few coats of mascara can make the biggest difference to your face and make you look instantly more awake. This is a must have in your beauty bag. Find a mascara that works for you, preferably in black or dark brown. My favourite is this ‘It’s a Long Story’ mascara.

9. Dry Shampoo


If you were planning to go straight home and wash your hair but then get invited to last minute drinks this will save your life. Just simply spray some in the roots of your hair then tip your head upside down and give it a bit of a comb through with your fingers, flip your head back up and you’ll have the perfect sexy bead head look. This Klorane brand works a treat.

10. Powder

If you tend to get quite oily or if you are drinking alcohol and you go red from drinking then powder is a must have you can opt for a translucent powder like this one or a compact powder that matches your skin tone. This makes it so easy to run to the bathroom and do touch ups to combat any redness or adsorb any oil.

11. A Good Powder Brush

You will need a good powder brush like this one to apply the powder to your face…

You may also want to use your brush for any of these extra products:

Bronzer – If you prefer more of a sun-kissed glow and cream blush isn’t enough colour for your skin then definitely include a bronzer in your makeup bag

Powder Blush – If you prefer the matte look to the dewy look then throw this in as well

So there you have it, all the products you need to be prepared for anything that may pop up!