1. Not prepping your skin before putting your foundation on

Any makeup artist will tell you that the key to flawless looking foundation is first making sure the skin is well prepped. This means if you have dry skin make sure you put a hydrating serum and moisturiser on so your foundation will glide on effortlessly and your skin will have more of a glow to it. If you have very oily skin prep your skin with an oil absorbing moisturiser so your foundation doesn’t slide off your face.

2. Wearing the wrong foundation shade for your skin

Colour matching foundation to your skin can be very hard to do and often if you try a foundation on in the wrong light you can be lead to believe that it’s the right colour for you so before you purchase a foundation ask if one of the shop assistants can apply what they think is the right foundation colour to your face and then wear it outside and in different lights. Take a mirror out with you and wear it for the day to make sure that the colour really does look right on your skin. Another issue that can happen is some foundations can oxidize on the skin so even though it may look like the right colour it can then change colour over a period of time, this is why it’s always good to try before you buy!

3. Smiling when applying blush so you get the apples of your cheeks

If you smile when applying blush so you can get it on the apples of your cheeks this can often have a bad effect on more mature aging skin. As we age our skin tends to sag and stretch a bit more which means when we smile what seems like the apples of our cheeks actually isn’t when we;’re not smiling. So you could end up with blush in the middle of your cheek which will age you even more. The best way to apply blush is to feel where your cheek bone is and apply it in a sweeping motion up towards your temple.

4. Not Cleaning Your Brushes

Now this one is VERY important. Makeup brushes can collect a lot of bad bacteria which then causes acne and other skin issues if they are not cleaned at least once a week. So make sure you clean your brushes once a week using warm water and shampoo. I find the cheap chemist tea tree shampoo works the best for getting all the makeup out. It is important to note that bacteria thrives on moisture so make sure you leave your brushes out to dry in fresh air and don’t pack them away until they are completely dry.

5. Curling your lashes after you apply mascara

Curling your lashes after you apply mascara not only puts dents in your perfectly coated lashes but it can also do some serious damage to your lases and in extreme cases snap them off. The best time to curl your lashes is before you apply mascara and even before you apply your other eye makeup to avoid accidentally smudging it.