How the Worlds Hottest Celebrities & Super Models Work Out

Have you ever wondered how your favourite celebrities stay in such great shape? Well we’ve done some research for you and found out how ten of Hollywood’s hottest keep their bodies in top shape.

Gigi Hadid – Boxing

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The Victoria’s secret beauty credits her runway ready body to boxing at Gotham gym in NYC. We’re not all lucky enough to live in the Big Apple but with most gyms offering boxing classes there is no reason you can’t give boxing a go as well.
get some extra motivation and watch this video of Gigi punching it out:

Phoebe J Tonkin – Ballet beautiful

Ready for the ball! @balletbeautiful x

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This Aussie actress loves to stay in shape through ballet at ballet beautiful which based in NYC. Luckily Ballet Beautiful also offers online classes so you can work out like Phoebe from anywhere in the world!

Lea Michele – Hiking

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If you follow this Glee girl on instgram you may have noticed that she loves to take her workouts outdoors, in an interview with elle magazine she said “I hike on trails about four times a week; I love being outside.” The best thing about this workout is that it is free and you can do it anywhere in the world!

Rosie Huntington- Whitley – Body by Simone

The model mogul does a mix of cardio dance and body resistance training with celebrity trainer Simone. If you’re ever in LA you can do one of her group classes and maybe even spot a celeb or two!

Jessica Alba – 30 min workout 

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Who wouldn’t want a bod like Jessica? Luckily Jess was kind enough to share her go to workout with that you could even do in your bedroom! “I have to break a sweat or I don’t feel like I’ve gotten anything done. When I only have 30 minutes, I’ll do a series of burpees, mountain climbers, squat jumps, planks, and a few sun salutations.”

Karlie Kloss – ModelFit 

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Ms Kloss has one of the fittest model bodies around and it’s all thanks to her dedicated workout schedule at Model fit which includes a mixture of reformer and body weight Pilates.

Camilla Mackintosh – SBC collective

This British babe loves to get fit with celebrity trainer Russel owner of The Skinny Bitch Collective. This includes a mixture of fun primal movements and if you scroll through his instagram you’ll see models hitching rides on each others backs and doing upside down burpees. The SBC collective has an online program so you can work out like Camilla from anywhere in the world.

Vanessa Hudgens – Soul Cycle

This Disney darlings favourite workout is Soul Cycle. A firm favourite of celebrities Soul Cycle is like doing a cycle class in a night club.

Kate Hudson – Booty Belt

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Kate recently shared on her instagram that she likes to keep her booty in shape using a device called the Booty Belt, you only need to take one look at this photo to know that it must be working!

Isabel Goulart – Yoga

A photo posted by Izabel Goulart (@bodybyiza) on


A photo posted by Izabel Goulart (@izabelgoulart) on

This Victoria’s Secret Angel has one of the most perfectly sculpted bodies around and does a range of exercises to keep fit but take one look at her instagram and you’ll see that yoga is a firm favourite of hers. So quick get on that mat and start stretching!

5 Health Hacks to Stay Healthy Over the Holiday Period

The Silly Season is upon us which means lots of parties and dinners out. This can often throw us out of our healthy routines and also leave us feeling burnt out and lethargic. So here are some of my top health hacks for staying healthy and fit this silly season.


  1. Commit to doing morning HIIT workouts 
    HIIT stands for high intensity interval training, HIIT workouts involve a series of high intensity moves for anywhere from 10-45 minutes. This type of exercise helps speed up your metabolism which means your body will be in fat burning mode even hours after you’ve finished your workout. So if you know you are going to have a lunch with lots of food and/ or alcohol then doing a HIIT workout the morning of this event will help your body burn off the food and alcohol faster. Here are some great HIIT workouts to try:
    Rachael Attard’s Body Weight Circuit 
    Treadmill HIIT workout
    Kayla Itsines’ Abs and Arms workout
    10 minute HIIT workout
  2. Deal with a hangover the healthy way
    The best way to avoid a hangover would be to not drink at all but lets face it most of us tend to have a few too many drinks around the silly season. Drinking copious amounts of alcohol is already quite a hindrance on your body but when drinking we tend to forget to hydrate in between drinks and then opt for greasy fatty food the next day because our body is craving something unhealthy to soak up the alcohol. So here are a few tips to help cushion the hangover as well as healthier ways to deal with a hang over after a big drinking session:
    – Have a large glass  or two of coconut water before you start drinking, after you
    – Try drinking alcoholic beverages low in sugar such as vodka with soda water and lime. Sugar can dehydrate you even more and will also add to that horrible hangover feeling.
    – Ditch the greasy fast food the day after a drink session and eat lots of high alkaline foods and liver loving foods such as avocado, lemon, carrot and chia seeds.
    – Do a really good workout and sweat it out. This may feel like the last thing you want to do when you’re hung over but trust me you will feel better for it once you’re done/
    – Jump in the ocean. Salt water can cure almost anything, so if you’re lucky enough to be able to get to the beach then jump in the ocean. You’ll feel instantly awake and refreshed.
  3. Pick your food wisely.
    When you’re at a function or lunch choose your foods wisely, skip the boring bland foods like the bread and rice and opt for the more flavoursome delicious foods. Also if you are having dessert why not split it with the person next you. If you want to try a bit of everything at an event do it but just try samples of each canape of split dishes with a friend rather than eating the whole thing.
  4. Pack in as much nutrition as possible and cook your own food when not attending events.
    When you’re just preparing meals on your own avoid getting take away and make your own meals, making sure you pack it with as much healthy ingredients as possible, think lots and lots of veggies especially greens. Green smoothies are also a great option as your body digests liquids better than food, green juices and hearty salads are also great.
  5. Try and fit in some mindfulness wherever possible
    It’s easy to get stressed out and overwhelmed over the holiday period so this is the time of year where it’s more important than ever to practice mindfulness and take some time out for yourself even if it’s just a few minutes a day. Some great ways to do this include:
    – Meditate for at least 5 minutes a day. Here are some great apps to help get you started.
    – Leave your phone at home and go for a walk in nature
    – Spend a few minutes on your own with a cup of tea and a book
    – Take a relaxing bath with some nice essential oils.

8 Healthy Chick’s Secrets to Looking & Feeling Great

Tash Oakley

Image tashoakley Instagram

Image tashoakley Instagram

The Instagram star and swimwear designer reviled her secret to feeling confident in a bikini when interviewed by Body & Soul:

“My advice would be never to compare yourself to others, I think every woman is beautiful and our differences are what make us stand out. I think we as woman feel intimidated by baring it all at the beach but the truth is we all go to the beach to have fun and never have I looked at another  woman and judged her, I’m too busy relaxing and enjoying life to feel the need and I think most people feel the same way. So try to remember that when you step onto the sand. Most of us as freaking out over nothing!”

Devin Brugman

Image devinbrugman Instagram

Devin who is one half of the instagram account and blog ‘A Bikni A Day’ With Tash Oakley (told Beauticate how her and Tash like to stay fit and healthy.

‘We don’t like to go to the gym and workout…We like to go outside and stuff. We actually have our fitness series up on our website. We do this circuit; so we’ll do a butt workout which is basically just a ten minute exercise on the floor: squats, leg lifts. Then we’ll do a run down to the beach, generally if we’re in LA, we try to do this wherever we are, and then we’ll do a circuit that incorporates abs, arms and a little cardio. Just a little bit of everything. Even just shooting and being at the beach and climbing on rocks, our lifestyle is very active.’

Elyse Knowles

Image elyseknowlzy Instagram

Image elyseknowlzy Instagram

You just need to take one look at this Aussie model’s instagram account to see that she is one active healthy chick. In a recent interview with Sporteluxe she reveled one of her health secrets:

“Apple cider vinegar is the best to flush things out. Also, lots of water, no coffee and no fizzy drinks.”

Rosie Huntington-Whitley

Image rosiehw Instagram

Image rosiehw Instagram

The ex Victoria’s Secret model has one of the hottest bodies in the world so we defintely want to do whatever she’s doing. She recetnly told Vogue Australia that cutting out red meat has really help with how she looks and feels:

“And since I cut it out I have noticed how much lighter and better I feel. It’s not that I wouldn’t [ever] have it, I had lovely lamb chop the other day on the barbecue, it’s just changed. And I’ll have fish or chicken.”

Hannah Bronfman

Image hannahbronfman Instagram

Image hannahbronfman Instagram

The DJ and fitness guru definitely lives a healthy active lifestyle doing what she loves! When interviewed by Sporteluxe Hannah revealed some of her health secrets:

“I add gelatin to my morning matcha. It has 11 grams of protein in 1 tbsp and has no flavor. It’s great especially if you don’t have time or are not a morning eater. It’s also great for my skin too. I also do infrared sauna once a week. It’s $30 for an hour and is a great sweat/ provides me with a time that I can meditate.”

Kayla Itsines

Image kayla_itsines Instagram

Image kayla_itsines Instagram

One of the biggest fitness chicks on Instagram and creator of the program that has women all over the world getting their dream bodies the healthy way recently told Body & Soul her number one health tip:

“Consistency! I do not believe in quick fixes or fads. I believe that a healthy lifestyle is something that you should be to be able to maintain long-term. When you fuel your body with nutritious foods and exercise regularly your body will develop a habit that you will not want to let go of.”

Ashley Graham

Image theashleygraham Instagram

Image theashleygraham Instagram

The supermodel recently posted an inspiring message on instagram which will inspire you to be happy with your body no matter what size it is.

“Someone once told me my thighs were ‘cellulite city’. But I now realise these thighs tell a story of victory and courage. I will not let others dictate what they think my body should look like for their own comfort, and neither should you.”

Emily Skye

Image emilyskyefit


The instagram star and fitness guru opened up to beauticate about how important it is to embrace who you are.

I believe it’s important to always embrace who you are and not try to be like someone else. Don’t compare yourself. These are the things that I dealt with, always comparing myself to someone else and always wanting to be like them, trying to change everything about myself. On social media I’m open about it, I like to be myself and I’m not afraid to show my flaws and my mistakes.



A Delicious and Healthy Raw Ginger Bread Recipe

Ginger Bread

It’s the time of year where there are so many delicious treats on offer like shortbread, gingerbread and mince pies. The problem is this can really wreak havoc on our bodies. Luckily there are lots of delicious healthy alternatives and this raw gingerbread is one of the most delicious recipes around. It’s also vegan and gluten free so pretty much anyone will be able to each them this Christmas.

Makes around 20


1/2 cup walnuts
1/2 cup almonds
2 tbsp fresh ginger minced
1/2 cup coconut
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 1/2 cups of dates


Rolling pin (if you don’t have one you can use your hands to flatten the dough)
A cookie cutter (I used a star shape and it made about 21 cookies)


Blend walnuts, almonds, ginger, coconut and cinnamon in a food processor until the nuts are finely chopped. Then pop in the honey and dates and blend until combined. Test a small part of the mixture by rolling it into a ball to see if it sticks together well.

Take the mixture and roll it into a large ball and place it on a large sheet of glad wrap on a bench or chopping board. Lay another large sheet of glad wrap on top of the mixture. Now take the rolling pin and roll the mixture out onto the Glad-wrap until it is flat and is about 1 cm thick. Take the cookie cutter press it into the dough then gently release the dough from the cutter and leave it aside. Repeat this until all the dough has been used up.

Increase Your Sex Drive and Get Glowing Skin With This One Super Food

Image source vegkitchen

Image source vegkitchen

Maca is a root that can generally be purchased in the form of powder and it is one of the best super foods around. It has an almost caramel like taste and can be added to your smoothies, baking, morning breakfast or you can just swallow them in the form of capsules.

This Super Food has a whole range of health benefits which include:

  • Heightens your sex drive – This goes for both men and women so feel free to give your significant other a dose as well.
  • Increases energy levels – This is a great healthy alternative to coffee because unlike coffee it does not affect your adrenal glands.
  • Helps to enhance fertility – Maca helps to regulate the woman’s ovulation cycles and increase men’s sperm count.
  • Helps to regulate your hormones – Maca has important amino acids which your body needs to build healthy hormones.
  • Promotes clear skin and healthy hair – A huge contributor to bad skin and hair is hormone imbalance so once Maca helps to balance your hormones this will also promote clear skin and shiny strong hair.
  • Better Circulation – Maca helps your blood flow a lot smoother which means wounds will heal a lot quicker and you’ll have less risk of being anemic.
  • Better Memory – Studies on people who take Maca for a prolonged period of time have shown that their memory and learning capabilities improved considerably.
  • Helps relieve mild depression – Maca helps increase the bodies serotonin levels which is the chemical in your body that helps to make you happy.

So take a trip to your local health food store, grab some Maca and see if you notice any of these amazing benefits.

Finding Your Balance – Relationships, Career, and Health


Picture a triangle. At the top you have your health and in the bottom two corners opposite of each other you have relationships and career. All three are important pieces in the puzzle of our happiness and when all three are flourishing well individually and together we find ourselves in our own special type happy place.

Unfortunately it is not always that easy to keep our relationships afloat, our career expanding and growing as our skills and talents do, and our health in prime shape. All of these things take time and when you are working 40 hours a week, spending time with your friends, and trying to work out, pack healthy meals, and keep your mind right through meditation something starts to slack.

For everyone it’s something different. For me it’s relationships. I throw myself into my work because it is my passion and I keep my mind and body in tip top shape because I can feel the positive difference in my life when I keep my blood pumping and my meditation audio rolling.

I don’t go on dates. Calls to my family are fewer and farther between. I’m asleep before my roommates come home. I say no to more fun activities than I should.

Some of us immediately start to slack on our health regime-foregoing the gym for an extra few hours at our boyfriend’s house or leave our jobs a few hours later to work on that big project at work. Others prioritize their friends and health and suddenly find themselves in a rut when they realize they don’t like the job they’ve been at for the past 3 years.

There is always a tipping point when our triangle collapses. It can’t be held up by a weak floor or wall and when either our health, relationships, or career are faltering we suddenly find ourselves in a heap on the floor because things just aren’t balanced.

We wouldn’t hear the word balance so much if it wasn’t so important. Everyone preaches it because it is an incredible way to find your happy place. When you are balanced you can feel the support of the world around you and when you can feel this support you can rise to any occasion.

So how do we make sure that we stick to our routines? That we are able to make time for one without completely losing out on another?

Stay organized

Keep a calendar whether on your phone or a hard copy that you can resort to to see your upcoming schedule. When we can see what is ahead in our week and month we can physically see what we have time for and don’t have time for. If a work project that takes 3 hours is due in three days then maybe you can say yes to going to that concert with your friends. If you normally work out for an hour a day maybe you can bump it down to a half hour for today so that you can spend some extra time on work. Staying organized with a calendar will create a tangible place for you to actually know what you do and don’t have time for, helping you to keep your balance.


Listen to your body

How do we know when we’re sick? Our body tell us by sniffling and sneezing. How do we know when we are tired? Our body tells us by slowing down. How do we know when we are awake and ready to take on the day? Our body tells us by being energized and focused. Listening to your body and what it is telling you on a day to day and even moment by moment basis can pretty much lead you all the way through life. If you’re so tired that you can’t even open your eyes, maybe it’s not such a good time to try to get some work done or to go out with your friends. Your health is slacking and you have to put time into you and resting up in order to be able to put time into anything else. If you’re awake and energized-ride that wave. Don’t choose to sit and watch Netflix for an hour. Go out and take the bull by the horns and get things done and accomplished. Your body is much wiser than we ever give it credit, so learn to listen and follow direction.

Check your happiness radar 

On a scale of 1-10 how happy are you right now with your relationships (friends, family, boyfriends/girlfriends)? How happy are you with the state of your body? How happy are you with your mental strength and stamina? How happy are you in your job? Compare all of your answers and see which one is slacking and which is above and beyond. If you answered 1-5 on any of those questions, then there is a part of your triangle that is seriously slacking. Put more time and positive energy into that corner of your triangle. If you answered 6-10 on any of those questions, then you know you have created good habits in that part of your triangle and you should do your best to keep them up. Figure out where you can improve in your relationships, career, and health for a triangle that can hold itself steady no matter what kind of storm comes through.

This triangle isn’t just any triangle, it’s your triangle. It is essentially a triangle of the foundation of your life. As humans we need relationships, we are a social species who thrive on having interaction with others. We also need to sweat, get our blood pumping, and to have the mental capacity to quiet our mind and sit in silence. And of course, we need some type of financial platform-a place that we don’t resent on Monday morning, that we can use as a creative outlet, and a place to do work that we can be proud of.

Starting to balance your triangle today will bring you immense happiness in the near future. If you are feeling overwhelmed, bored, or just plan unhappy you know there’s a balance somewhere that is completely out of whack.

Use these three free tools to find it and fix it. Find the balance within yourself and then sit back and watch the daily improvements in your life. I can promise you, you’ll never regret it.

Top 5 YouTubers to follow for at home work outs

Between having to find a cute workout outfit, the commute to the gym, braving the weather or just finding the right exercise for you, finding the motivation to work out can often become quite overwhelming.

Well don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Luckily there are some great YouTubers who have free online workouts that you can do at home, in your bedroom and even in your pyjamas.

Check out our top 5 workout YouTube gurus and our top picks from their channels:

Tone it up


Fitness Blender

XHit Daily

Be Fit



Why Too Much ‘Netflix & Chill’ is Actually a Health Hazard

Image source unsplash

Image source unsplash

By Dr Mark Uren (Chiropractor)

‘Everyone knows booze and cigarettes are bad for us. But if physical inactivity were packaged and sold as a product, it would need to carry a health warning.’

This is the message from a New Scientist article on the danger to our health of being a couch potato.

Or since Netflix now seems to take up a lot of peoples spare time sitting and watching too much Netflix is not a very healthy trend.

It is clear that exercise is a major enhancement to our health and wellbeing. People who exercise even moderate amounts have increased health and live longer, while couch potatoes have poorer health and die sooner. A huge number of recent studies show that exercise protects us from heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and depression. It even boosts memory. It has the potential to prevent more deaths than any other single treatment or drug. And it does all this with none of the side effects of actual medication.

As a chiropractor I have the philosophy that the human body is capable of self- regulation and self- healing. Meaning that good health is our natural state provided we take reasonable care of ourselves. Throughout evolution humans have been active. Our ancestors chased prey for food or walked great distances hunting and gathering. In more recent times we laboured on the land and in factories. In modern times there has been a revolution in labour saving devices. Combine this with the car, TV, computers and video games and our lives have come to a shuddering halt.

Inactivity is killing us

We did not evolve sitting in a car or in front of a monitor. We are built to be active and mobile. Our lifestyles and the modern environment has led us to become inactive. And now we’re paying the price. A 2009 study of 50,000 men and women showed that a lack of cardio-respiratory fitness was the most important risk factor for early death. It accounted for more deaths than diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol combined, and double that of smoking.

Put bluntly, inactivity is killing us.

So what can you do to lower your risk of early death from inactivity?

Well you don’t have to take up marathon running or become a gym junkie. The ‘Exercise is Medicine’ initiative says that as little as 2 and a half hours per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, such as brisk walking, ballroom dancing or gardening or 75 minutes of more vigorous activity like cycling or swimming will make a profound difference to your wellbeing.

If you follow these recommendations then you will lower your chance of developing type 2 diabetes by 58%, twice the preventive power of the most widely prescribed anti-diabetes medication, metformin. You will also lower your risk of stroke, heart attack, bowel cancer, breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. You will think more clearly, be thinner, deal better with stress and look great.

For help on getting started on an easy exercise program the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia has developed a great website and App.

Source article; ‘The Workout Wonder Drug’. New Scientist. 25 August 2012.

How To Keep The Weight Off In Winter

Young athlete woman exercises bouncing up and down and listens to music in the city port. The woman wears black running tights and red jacket. She has a smart phone mounted on her arm, with earphones connected to it. Her body is in motion, slightly above the ground. The copy space has been left. Shallow DOF.

Young athlete woman exercises bouncing up and down and listens to music in the city port. The woman wears black running tights and red jacket. She has a smart phone mounted on her arm, with earphones connected to it. Her body is in motion, slightly above the ground. The copy space has been left. Shallow DOF.

Here we are again. It’s Winter already! That time of year where those pesky (and that’s putting it nicely) kilos creep in somewhere between too many delicious risottos, creamy pastas and those endless cups of hot chocolate with a marshmallow or three.

But who really cares because it’s the season to pull out your favourite coats and scarves, so if your waistline isn’t in view, those extra kilos don’t even exist…right? Maybe that way of thinking will make us happy and content throughout the chilly season but what happens when the weather warms up again.

It’s a cheeky cycle and for many of us, we gain weight over winter, spend the next few months trying to lose them in time for Christmas, enjoy the summer with afternoon barbeques and salads of every kind, late afternoon walks and then the weather begins to change and we become less motivated to keep moving and back to square one we go.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to take on what feels like the ‘inevitable winter weight gain’ and enter the spring season without having to be flicking through the latest diet trends in a shear panic to get ready for the horse racing and Christmas party season ahead?

Here are a few tips I’ll be trying this season…fingers crossed!

  • Make Opportunities To Exercise Inside

    Exercising in the warmer weather comes easier, as we are naturally more active when the weather is warmer and the days seem longer especially when daylight savings is in. This winter I’ll be prepared for changing up exercise routines by making opportunities to exercise indoors and planning better for exercise during the afternoon, as by the time it gets dark and cold my motivation will be non-existent 😉

  • Get a Good Nights Sleep

    We all know we need the right amount of sleep so that our bodies can do their ‘R and R’ thing to allow us to wake up feeling good and ready for the day ahead, so I’ll be making sure that the house is not too cold, and the air conditioner doesn’t make it too warm and dry, to ensure a good nights, uninterrupted sleep.

  • Drink Lots of Water

    It’s so easy to forget because we simply don’t feel like drinking cool drinks on cool days, but we know it’s good for us, its beneficial to keep hydrated (especially if you often get chapped lips) and can assist in feeling fuller so I’m going to make a conscious effort to continue drinking water throughout the day.

  • Prepare Your Food In Advance

    The flu season will create an entire smorgasbord of reasons why you should immediately sit down, snuggle up and eat the yummiest thing you can grab on your way past the kitchen and onto the lounge, so I’ll be prepared by cooking and freezing some delicious and healthy homemade soups and broths. Lentil Soups, Mushroom Soups and my favourite chicken and veggie soup…yum!

  • Replace High Calorie Drinks With Low Calorie Drinks

    It’s so easy to warm yourself up in the morning with a cuppa tea, get through your day with endless supplies of coffees and end the night with hot chocolates. It’s just all too easy to forget that these calories all add up, so I’ll be dropping the hot chocolate and coffees and replacing them with green tea and warm water with lemon.

What are your hot tips to avoid weight gain through winter?

Try These Yoga Moves For Better Sleep

activeImage from Activeyogi instagram 

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Well we’ve got your back…literally, give one of these yoga moves and workouts a try before you hit the hay and you should be in dreamland in no time.

If you have 7 minutes before bed try this:


For 30 minutes of relating yoga before bed try this:


For a 2 minute quickie fore bed try this:



If you have 10 minutes free before bed try this routine by yogi pro Tara Stiles:


If you have insomnia give this routine a go:


For a nice wind down after a stressful day try this: