Skit: This Miracle Product Helps Women Have It All

YouTube channel VODville’s latest skit takes the mickey out of ridiculous products that are marketed specifically – and unnecessarily – towards women, such as Bic’s ‘pen for her.’

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“Our team of gender specialists has created Her Water™ just for you**, with added feminine supplements to help you lean in and smash the glass ceiling.”

How To Make Any Man Want You

This hilarious new skit from VODville perfectly takes the piss out of the countless ‘Get the Guy’ books and videos that tell women how they should think and act in order to ‘get the perfect man.’

We know you’ll enjoy this as much as we did!

How To Make Any Man Want You

Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt As A Teenage Girl

If this music clip doesn’t make your day then nothing will! Joseph Gordon- Levitt and YouTube sensation and just all round creative genius Todrick Hall dress up as two petulant high school girls and sing about how their crushes have followed them, talk about first world problems. However this is probably pretty accurate to how a lot of high school kids act nowadays considering kids under 10 even seem to have an instagram account, it’s a far cry from the days when all we had to worry about was keeping our Tamagotchi alive. Enjoy!

Vloggers Worth Watching

image kathleenlights Instagram

image kathleenlights Instagram

I, like many people, don’t have cable. With Netflix and all the online streaming availability, my husband and I just didn’t think it was worth it. Our area also recently went digital, meaning you have to have a certain digital box for even the local channels. So we have absolutely no television channels at all. Therefore, with my coffee every morning, I’ve started watching Vloggers on YouTube. I’m totally hooked! You can learn so many useful things on YouTube. So, here are some of my favorites so far.


Kat’s self-description is “I’m just a 24 year old humble dog lover who happens to have a small obsession with all things beauty!” And it’s so true. I love watching Kat because she is so humble, quirky, and sweet. She always is 100% honest and upfront with you. For example, if a certain beauty product is sponsoring her video, she will let you know. But, most of the time these videos are just her personal opinions. Her popular videos include: makeup tutorials (she is so good!), Kat chats, beauty routines, and stuff like that. I love her so much! I feel like we would be friends in real life.


Carli Bybel

Carli is extremely talented with makeup. The first time I saw her without makeup, I was like WOW! She looks so different. Not in a bad way though, she’s still beautiful without makeup, just a lot younger looking and different. She has tons of helpful videos of makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, beauty routines, and health and fitness stuff. Her boyfriend is a health and fitness vlogger and sometimes they collaborate, so that’s fun to watch. She’s a pro!



I just discovered Alexandra a couple days ago and it turned into me binge-watching a ton of her videos! She has so many beauty hacks! I recently learned from her that I can get the same nail look that you go to the salon to get for WAY cheaper. I’m so excited to try it out for myself. Her channel is about makeup, hair, and just beauty hacks in general. I love all her tips!

Who are some of your favorite vloggers? Does anyone watch these girls? Let us know down below!

Extreme Gardening… It’s a Thing



Move over Bear Grylls Luna Steel is here to show us how to tackle those pesky weeds and scary looking plants in her first installment of ‘Extreme Gardening’.

Extreme Gardening: Episode 01 ‘Weeds’


Top 5 YouTubers to follow for at home work outs

Between having to find a cute workout outfit, the commute to the gym, braving the weather or just finding the right exercise for you, finding the motivation to work out can often become quite overwhelming.

Well don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Luckily there are some great YouTubers who have free online workouts that you can do at home, in your bedroom and even in your pyjamas.

Check out our top 5 workout YouTube gurus and our top picks from their channels:

Tone it up


Fitness Blender

XHit Daily

Be Fit



Why You Should Always Be the First to Arrive on a First Date


First dates can be nerve wracking in general and I’ve always made a rule to arrive late to dates so i’m not sitting around awkwardly waiting for my date to turn up. However after watching this skit from VODville I may now have to rethink my rule so I can avoid this situation at all costs.



The First Date