Do you find yourself walking into a gym scratching your head having no idea where to start or what to do? Well here are three of the best workout guides on the market and they’re all a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer!

Rachael Attard Skinny Legs

Rachel is a personal trainer and instagram sensation and has created a workout and eating guide for the three different body types. Just head to her site to workout what body type you and and then you can purchase the guide that is suited to your body type and start working out! If you stick with it you’ll have toned skinny legs in 12 short weeks.

Check the program out here


Body Boss Method

With the Body Boss Method you can get lean and fit doing 3 x 23 minute HIIT workouts a week. Sounds pretty doable right? You can also do these workouts anywhere so you don’t need a gym membership, just an open space and mat.

Check out the guide here

Buff Girls Hollywood Body

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If you have a special event to get fit for and only a small amount of time to do it this 2 week program is for you! Plus who wouldn’t want to get hot a fit in only 2 weeks?

Check it out here