There is nothing like scrolling through instagram and coming across a photo of some delicious looking healthy food or a photo of a girl who’s body is so good it urges you to type #bodygoals to motivate you to get healthy and in shape. So we’ve found 10 of our favourite pages to get you feeling motivated every time you ‘re tempted to lay down and scroll through instagram instead of working out or making a healthy meal.

Claudia is a nutrition coach and personal trainer and is constantly posting photos of her workouts and group classes as well as drool-worthy healthy meals.


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Devin (left) is one half of the instagram account @abikiniaday which she shares with her bestie Tash Oakley (right) and considering Devin is photographed in a bikini everyday it is no surprise that her and Tash have amazing bodies and lead a very healthy and active lifestyle.


Jessica Sepel is a nutritionist and is always coming up with delicious healthy recipes which she shares images of on her instagram at least once a day. So if you’re not sure what to make for lunch or dinner just jump onto Jess’s instagram and you’ll be bombarded with delicious ideas.


Lee Holmes is an amazing recipe creator and has multiple cook books. She shares many photos of healthy meals from her cook book that will have you drooling over your phone.



Madeline Shaw is a health coach and yoga teacher, you’ll be inspired to get stronger in yoga then head to the kitchen to whip up a healthy smoothie after scrolling through her account.



You only have to take one look at Massy’s abs to know that she is the definition of #bodygoals. One look at her page and you’ll be inspired to take your workouts to the next level.


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Tara Stiles is the queen of yoga. her page not only shows her amazing yoga skills but she also posts photos of the people in her classes which will inspire you to keep your yoga routine up no matter what you skill level is.



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Meg Gillmer is one of my best friends and also one of the most inspiring people I know. She sets crazy cycle related goals for herself and never fails to achieve them. Her most recent one was completing 3 peaks in Victoria. Meg posts photos of her training and the wholesome food she chooses to fuel yourself with. One look at Meg’s account and you’ll want to jump on your bike and head to the hills ASAP.


This hilarious account posts vegan meals and are not afraid to tell you just how bloody good it is and why you should f*cken eat it. However, if you are not a fan of swearing this account may not be for you.



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Lola Berry (yes that is her real name) is a nutritionist and is always creating the most beautiful healthy recipes, she is also a major boho babe so you’ll get some great hair and fashion inspo from her as well.