I am a bit of a podcast junkie, (you can read about some of my other favourite podcasts here and here) I love that you can listen to a podcasts on any topic, at any time, anywhere and the people around you have no idea what you’re listening to (as long as you have your headphones in!) Three particular topics I love learning more about is sex, dating and relationships, in fact these are three things that effect pretty much everyone’s lives, so who wouldn’t want to learn more about them right?
There are a whole range of podcasts out there that cover these topics, however none of them are quite as entertaining or as insightful as these three podcasts.


1. LOVE SEX DESIRE Podcast – Susana Frioni 

susana frioni

Susana Frioni is an amazing and a self proclaimed  speaker, writer, teacher, dance catalyst and personal coach who is obsessed with all things LOVE SEX DESIRE. So it’s only fitting that she started a podcast where she talks about all things to do with, yep you guessed it… love, sex and desire. She also interviews some great guests where they chat about things like how to get your libido back, food & sex cravings, open relationships and the mysteries of the female body just to name a few.

2. The Hook Up With Hannah Reilly

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This show describes itself as ‘like sex-ed but good’ and ‘The Hook Up is all about love… and f*cking!’ The great thing about this show is that you can write into Hannah with any questions you may have about sex and hooking up that you’re not brave enough to ask your friends of family. Hannah is usually joined by a guest each week where they both share stories of their sex and dating life and then answer your questions and offer up some advice. This Podcast can be listened to on triple J live at 9pm on Sundays or you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and listen to the episodes any time.

3. The Prude & The Porn Star 


This Podcast is hosted by two women who couldn’t be more different but somehow seem to work so perfectly together. The first co-host is Madison Missina who is a sex-worker and award-winning porn star the second is Carla GS a Christian mum from the suburbs. These two women chat about their own sex lives and relationships as well answering questions from listeners on anything to do with sex and relationships. It’s hilariously entertaining and incredibly insightful!