10 Romantic Movies to get you in the Mood for Valentine’s Day

Whether your status is married, single, it’s complicated or in a relationship these movies are bound to get you all excited and in a loved up mood as we approach Valentine’s Day.

About Time

about time

Time travel meets rom-com, you’re bound to laugh and cry in this film staring the queen of romantic movies Rachel McAdams.
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The Notebook

Keyart for The Notebook.

No romantic movie list would be complete without the movie that gives meaning to #RelationshipGoals
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500 Days of Summer

500 days

Not your usual love story, this is a great one to watch if you are sick of watching romance movies that all seem to have the same ending.
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This is 40

this is 40

This movie gives a hilarious insight into what life can be like when you’re married with kids.
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Sex and the City the Movie


Don’t have a date for Valentine’s day? No Worries! Get your best girlfriends together and watch this ultimate chick flick.
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Two Night Stand


This movie will give you a new outlook on how one night stands can often lead to a lot more.
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He’s Just Not That into You


OK so the title of this may cause you hate Valentine’s day but we promise you the end of this movie will get you in the Valentine’s spirit.
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Love Actually


One of the sweetest romantic movies of all time, this is a MUST watch on valentine’s day.
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Step Up


This movies involves Channing Tatum dancing and love story that translated into real life. Need we say more?
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Romeo + Juliet


Valentine’s day movie list would be complete without the original love story Romeo & Juliet….oh and Leo of course.
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How to ‘Hook Up’ When You’re Over 30


Your life is changing. You’ve hit mid-life, you’re are going through a divorce, your children are adults and you realize you could be alone.

Maybe you join a dating website or you go online to your social media account*, strike up conversations with old classmates, who may be going through the same life changes you are. You have a mutual upset and connect. Maybe this is someone you had a crush on in high school, but didn’t have the self confidence then, whereas now you do. One chat leads to another. Cell phone numbers are exchanged. The texting begins.

Before you know it, you are meeting this person. You are excited and feel so good about yourself. You feel like a high-schooler again. Remember what it was like to go on your first date? For some of you, it may have been decades ago. Let yourself be happy, nervous and aroused.

But before you do meet, make sure to follow some basic rules; and make sure to share your concepts upfront with your date.

Meet publicly

Better safe than sorry., Whether you knew this person twenty years ago or they are a new friend, you don’t really know the person well enough to feel completely safe. Meet in a restaurant for lunch. Get to know the person a little better before jumping into bed.

Always come prepared

No pun intended, but make sure you are prepared for a sexual encounter. You need to rely on yourself even if the other person promises they have it covered. In all the excitement and anticipation, sometimes people forget the little details. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you can’t continue on right at the heat of the moment.

Tell someone

Make sure someone you trust knows where you are, and even who you will be with. Just another safety measure. Maybe you can even pull the old ‘phone call from someone important’ routine. Have your trusted friend call you at a certain point. Just make sure you are available to answer.

Live your fantasy

Always had a fantasy that your ex-spouse wasn’t interested in doing? Why not bring up the idea with this person? Sometimes it is easier to have this sexual illusion with your hook-up buddy. You may feel less restrictive and more comfortable.

Keep open lines of communication

Stay in touch with the person. Maybe make this a week/monthly meeting. This allows you the chance to live out some deep hidden dreams, develop a new friendship and have some lovin’ that every one deserves. Plus as the relationship progresses, you can add new adventures (role playing, naughty talk and more people). You don’t have to keep the meeting solely to your re-acquaintance. You have a fantasy, and chances are your new partner shares the same idea. Talk about it and if you do, why not go one step further. Find a third person to share the new found relationship with on an adult match making website.

Prepping prior to meeting

Let yourself loose and have a little texting or phone sex. Hype up the meeting. Get yourself as well as the person you are meeting riled up. This will make the meeting (when ready) for a private setting that much more anticipated.

*According to Pewinternet.com in January 2014, 30-49 year-olds were tied for the top percentage of social media users.

How To Bring Back That magic Spark In Your Relationship

love audiobook

If you’re in a long-term relationship and have been for many years, you may have noticed your partner doesn’t pay enough attention to you or is not as romantic or spontaneous as before. So what are you supposed to do after a long work week, chasing the kids and all the hectic daily life moments you have? You’re exhausted and the last thing on either of your minds is getting your ‘sexy on’.

Looking for little moments to show your partner how much you love and appreciate them doesn’t have to take a lot of money or time.

  • Everyone buys gas for their vehicles at least once a week, so when paying slip in one of those prepackaged single red roses near the check-out register. For as little as an extra dollar or two, you can give this to your partner ‘just because’. After all, do we really need a holiday or birthday as an excuse to buy a rose?
  • Date night doesn’t have to be a dinner out. Bring home the meal or take-out, set the table with candles and lower the lights; after the kids have gone to bed, of course. And to make the night complete, offer to help with the clean up, or give your partner the night off and you do it.
  • Give your partner an unexpected back massage. But don’t stop there, rub his or her feet, legs- make it an all over body massage. Nothing helps wash away the day or week’s stress like a relaxing massage. And you never know, it may lead to more.
  • Bring the kitchen into the mix. Have a blindfolded taste testing. Use fruit, whipped toppings (plain and flavored), chocolate covered pretzels, or whatever your partner’s desire (favorite foods) are. Whisper ‘sweet nothings’ as you feed each other.
  • Share a bath or showering together can be fun and really adds a sensuality to any relationship. But inside of just a joined bubble bath or washing each other’s backs- have some fun with it. Buy children’s ‘painting soaps’ and draw on it other. Maybe draw circles on your own body were your partner should be paying more attention to. Not only is this fun, but it helps each of you to know what turns the other person on.
  • Do your own ‘where we first met scavenger hunt’. Over the years you have shared some great memories and this may take a lot of planning, help and preparation but in the end it will all be worth it. Have four or five little ‘stops’ and clues with the final location being where you first met. At that location have a picnic prepared, a special meal or whatever the location calls for.
  • Buy a variety of specialty cheeses, deli meats, crackers and maybe two different wines. Set up a cheese and wine table and share the stress of the day; sometimes just talking to reconnect will open up the flood gates to more intimacy.
  • Put together a lunch (all your partners favorite foods) and/or a work survival box and deliver it to his or her office. Make sure all the items are appropriate. Having a delivery at work, being the envy of others in the office, will definitely make your partner feel appreciated and more than likely they will reciprocate at home.

All these are simple ways that anyone can add some variety to their normally hectic days. It reminds you why you fell in love with your partner and should lend a helping hand with spicing up the romance and bedroom.

10 TV Series That Should End Now

Don’t get us wrong these shows were unreal in their heyday but all good things need to come to an end at some point and we feel that these TV shows have now surpassed their expiry date. These shows have lost their mojo and should end ASAP before everyone starts to get bored of them and completely forget how great they once were.

1. Modern Family 

Image source fox8.com

Image source fox8

This show is now on its seventh season and it started off as a hilarious sitcom about a modern family with great storylines and great acting. Now the story lines feel almost a little too ridiculous and the acting has started to become quite over the top and almost awkward to watch. We’ve also noticed that brands like Uber, Kick-starter, Tinder get mentioned almost every episode and are worked in the script, could those brands possibly pay the producers big dollars to get mentioned in-show? We understand brand placement is a necessity these days in order to make money but if it is affecting the quality of the show is it really worth it?

2. The Big Bang Theory

Image source CBS

Image source CBS

Now on its 9th season this show started out as a comedy about 4 nerds who lived across the hall form a hot blonde and for the most part it was funny and entertaining, watching the awkward exchange between the two stereotypes. Sadly, much like modern family the acting and jokes have started to feel forced and how much longer can the producers drag on the Sheldon & Amy ‘no sex’ scenario? As we said all good things should come to an end and this show should go out with its biggest bang ASAP.

3. CSI (All of them) & Law & Order (All of them)

law and order
Image Source nbc

The original CSI is now on its 15 season and we’ve lost count of how many seasions there are of Law & Order, to be honest we can’t understand why it’s still going. Every episode is pretty much a version of someone getting murdered, the detectives or crime scene investigation unit investigate it, interview a range of people, then they catch the bad guy. There are only so many versions of this type of show you can make before people start to get bored. Don’t get us wrong these shows were great when they started out and generally have some great actors in it but it’s time they came to an end and gave the actors a chance to try something new.

4. Home & Away

Image source yahoo

Image source yahoo

Home and Away is coming up to it’s 28th year.. yep 28 years and while pretty much every famous Australian actor started out on this show we feel that’s now the only good thing about the show. How many more times can they have the barn blow up while the school formal is being held there, or have one of the main characters get shot, go to jail or get lost in the bush without viewers feeling like they’re experiencing Déjà vu every week night at 7pm? We say it’s probably time for Home and Away to do exactly as it name suggests.. go home and away.


5. The Bachelor

Image source abc

Image source abc

The US is now onto season 20 of The Bachelor and while it’s great for those people who want their 15 minutes of fame we find it a little hard to believe that 20-25 girls could really be as in love with this one bachelor as they say they are especially after only laying eyes on him once. Also if they really were as in love with him as they say they are would they really be OK with him dating and making out (or possibly more) with 20+ other girls that live together in the same house? Yes it does make for entertaining TV the first few times but we say it’s far passed it’s expiry date now and it’s time for all girls to give the Bachelor the flick!

6. Pretty Little Liars

Image source fox8

Image source fox8

OK so this show started out as a guilty pleasure for many it involved a murder mystery, pretty girls, high school dramas and really great fashion. However the notorious ‘A’ who terrorises the girls throughout the series seems to have been so many different people that it’s now hard to keep up and the story line. It’s actually starting to border on ridiculous and is too unbelievable even for a teen drama. We say the show should reveal who A is once and for all and then move onto bigger and better things.

7. The Simpsons

Image source fox8

Image source fox8

This is probably one of the most loved longest running shows in the world, the Simpsons are a house hold name and the earlier episodes are hilarious and so well done. However 27 years on we can understand how it would be hard to continue to come up with great episodes which is why the Simpsons should have gone out on top and ended a few years ago!

8. Big Brother

Image source channel 9

Image source channel 9

The whole idea of Big Brother when it first started was new and exciting so we can understand the hype around the first few seasons however, we are now 12 years on and it’s still going and it now just seems boring and the events in the house seem forced. To be honest we’re not sure who is still watching…besides big brother of course. This is one show that should have ended a long long time ago.

9. Grey’s Anatomy

Image source abc

Image source abc

This show was huge when it first started out and it had people all over the world crying over every episode and swooning over McDreamy and McSteamy. However, when all of the main characters leave the show which happened quite a few seasons ago this should be taken as a sign to end it, instead of adding new main characters that die hard Grey’s fans can’t relate to.

10. Family Guy

Image source fox

Image source fox

The show was great for the first few years and pushed boundaries that most comedy shows wouldn’t however, we can’t help but feel that the writers have started to run out of good jokes and seem to put a lot of personal jokes in there that the audience doesn’t understand. It is also a type of humour that can get old and tasteless fast. This is another show that should have quit while they were on top.

Office Space: Dealing With a Workplace Romance

Young sexy woman shows a leg for business man at desk

We’ve all seen them, maybe been involved in one, but how do you professionally deal with an inter-office romance? In the beginning, the excitement and thrills are present, but how do you handle the relationship as it endures, and then, how do you deal with a break-up?

Commencing the relationship– You’ve been flirting with your co-worker, and subtle little hints have been noticed. The extra attention he pays to your schedule. All the times she brought you a coffee without being asked. The ‘chance’ coming together daily in the lunchroom or in the copy area. You have been ‘eyeing’ each other for days, weeks or maybe months. You feel the physical energy, and you’re sure the other person is experiencing it also, so what do you do?
Enjoy the company, the attention and, as long as neither of you are involved in another relationship, strike up a more personal conversation.  Keep it simple at first to get the vibe of the other person’s notion of where this relationship is heading. If at anytime you feel an awkwardness or uncomfortable ambiance, inform the other person of your intentions and that you would like to remain friends. Don’t go down a path you are unsure, or uneasy, about.

Taking the next step- The flirting continues and the two of you decide to take things to the next level. The biggest question and concern is probably, do you make your relationship public? Some offices and workplaces have a solid policy against workplace relationships and romance. Some offices won’t even hire spouse, family members or girl/boyfriends. So before entering the relationship into a unrestricted status, check your company’s policy. Also, don’t forget, just because you don’t personally tell, or show the signs of being involved, your social media accounts and status (which co-workers and employees can possibly see) will give away the connection. So tread carefully, especially when making an update or posting the past weekend’s plans and who you were with.

Concealing the connection- When in a new relationship, all you want to do (especially women) is yell it from the mountaintops and have some girl-talk and share the romance, the sweet nothings being whispered in your ear. If you’re keeping the relation under wraps, talk to outside people away from work. If you’re open about the relationship, then share by all means. But keep the ‘behind-the-doors’ chat out of the lunchroom. Over sharing can create workplace animosity, jealousy and even termination if you misspeak in front of the boss or higher ups. So be careful about who is around the corner when you open your mouth.

The Break-Up Happens- What to do when the inter-office romance fails and the break-up is not amicable? Feelings are hurt, anger rears its ugly head and sometimes, revenge comes to surface. So how do you deal with this while trying to work and remaining calm?

Ignoring the person and situation is the best policy, but is also easier said than done. Distance yourself from the person, don’t take on projects involving the person and most importantly, don’t give into idle gossip. If the other person is speaking ill of you, disregard it. The first response is always going to be retaliation, but take the high road and be the better person. As the days go by, this advice will get easier and eventually the pain, gossip and person’s harassing words and presence will go away.