Top 5 YouTubers to follow for at home work outs

Between having to find a cute workout outfit, the commute to the gym, braving the weather or just finding the right exercise for you, finding the motivation to work out can often become quite overwhelming.

Well don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Luckily there are some great YouTubers who have free online workouts that you can do at home, in your bedroom and even in your pyjamas.

Check out our top 5 workout YouTube gurus and our top picks from their channels:

Tone it up


Fitness Blender

XHit Daily

Be Fit



Well Known Celebrities Who Have YouTube Channels

Do you ever wish you could get a peek inside the lives of your favourite celebrities? Well the good news is these superstars have started up their own YouTube channels so you get a candid look into their real lives.


Karlie Kloss – Model 


Maisie Williams – Game Of Thrones


Shay Mitchell – Actress on Pretty Little Liars

Lo Bosworth – Reality star on The Hills

Actor and WWE Star 

Famous YouTubers who are in Relationships


So it seems that Dating sites like Adult Match Maker aren’t the only place people meet online. These YouTube sensations have coupled up and have the internet to thank for their budding romances.

Colleen Ballinger and Joshua Evans

Colleen who plays the hilarious Miranda Sings on YouTube was approached by Joshua of the channel Joshua DTV on facebook and their romance sparked from there. They’re now married and you can often see them feature in each others YouTube videos. They even posted their proposal and wedding on YouTube.

Hannah Hart (My Drunk Kitchen) & Ingrid Neilson

Beauty and Lifestyle blogger Ingrid Neilson recently posted an inspiring video where she came out as gay to all her followers (video) then Ingrid and openly gay Hart collaborated on a video together and they’ve been posting their adventures together as a couple ever since.

Jenna Marbles & Julien Solomita

Comedian and YouTube sensation Jenna Marbles hired Julien (who also has a YouTube channel) as a body guard and the romance sparked from there. They are now living together with their fur babies and have a weekly podcast together.

Zoella and Alfie Days

These two YouTube sensations first met when they met up to do a collaboration for their separate channels, then sparks flew and they’ve been together ever since. They are the ultimate power couple with over 14 million subscribers between the two of them and recently having their own wax figures made in Madam Tussads in London!

Tanya Burr & Jim Chapman

This couple got together in 2007 before they started up their separate YouTube channels and now 8 years later they’ve tied the know. The usually very candid couple opted to keep their wedding a private affair which no doubt included a guest list full of other high profile YouTubers.