Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt As A Teenage Girl

If this music clip doesn’t make your day then nothing will! Joseph Gordon- Levitt and YouTube sensation and just all round creative genius Todrick Hall dress up as two petulant high school girls and sing about how their crushes have followed them, talk about first world problems. However this is probably pretty accurate to how a lot of high school kids act nowadays considering kids under 10 even seem to have an instagram account, it’s a far cry from the days when all we had to worry about was keeping our Tamagotchi alive. Enjoy!

Get Inspired to Hit the Dance Floor With These Amazing Dancers Instagram Accounts

There is a reason shows like “So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘Dancing With the Stars’ are so popular and why watching professional dancers is so mesmerizing. There is something about watching people dance that inspires you to hit the dance floor and really feel the music. Here are the instagram accounts of some of the best dancers in the world.

Jade Chynoweth

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Jake Kodish

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Jojo Gomez

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Tiffany Paige Maher



Alexander Chung

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Stevie Doré

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Sean Lew

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Top Trends for Hens Parties



It seems long gone are the days when a brides ‘last day of freedom’ involves heading out to your local pub or bar, drinking far too many shots and waking up the next day having lost your voice due to screaming loudly at semi naked muscly men getting their strip on.

I get it, the thought of taking your mum and mother in law to watch you lay flat on the floor while men hump and thrust the air above you is not for everybody but with some of the latest hens trends around, have we all taken this fun girls night out a little too seriously?

Over the years, Hens night traditions have evolved into something a little less ‘night’ and ‘last day of freedom’ and little more ‘day’ and ‘all things sophisticated’.

Whether you think they are a hit or miss, here are some of the latest trends for the Modern Womans Hens Party;

  • Wineries – Well…there is wine tasting, there are a bunch of your favourite people, and either a fun bus trip their and back or an overnight stay, so all in all, sounds like a good one to me.
  • Escape rooms  If you’re a clever hen and enjoy your action and adventure movies, you may want to try gathering the girls and taking them to an ‘Escape Room’, full of mystery, puzzle solving and code cracking, an interesting and popular option for like-minded groups.
  • High Tea – I love a high tea, sandwiches, teeny tiny cakes and an endless supply of cups of tea, it’s all a bit royal and englishy (there’s a new word for you)…but if you’re going to go down this path make sure the venue is somewhere you can make a bit of noise, have a laugh and be a little silly. It’s a party after all !
  • Pole and Belly Dancing – Good exercise and a chance to have a laugh at and with each other.
  • Lawn Bowls – What can I say? We have gone from strippers to lawn bowls… If you and your guests are the type of people that can create fun no matter where you are, than this may be an option for you J
  • Day Spa – Many beautiful day spas have rooms designed for this type of occasion, where guests are massaged or have facials followed by refreshing drinks and afternoon tea. A nice option for a smaller group who prefer less conversation and a little more pamper.
  • Life drawing lesson – Let’s not kid ourselves, we aren’t all there because we are aspiring artists, we are there to see how long we can go keeping a straight face without bursting out laughing. A good chance to do something different and be silly with the girls.
  • Cocktail and Cooking Courses – A chance to learn something new and have a laugh with the girls whilst doing it.

7 Songs That Will Instantly Put A Smile On Your Dial

Image Vevo

Image Vevo

Whether you’re having a bad day, need a bit of a positive pick-me-up or want some great songs to add to your workout playlist to keep you powering through your workout then these songs are bound to do the trick!


1. Stay – Ne-Yo ft. Peedi Peedi 

The catchy tune to this old Ne-yo classic is bound to have you bopping up and down with a big smile on your face.


2. Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake 

Justin’s newest song which he made for the new movie Trolls is top of the charts at the moment and for good reason. You can’t help but feel happy when listening to this tune.


3. Happy – Pharrell Williams

The name of this song says it all really. Play this on your way to work on Monday morning and get happy.



4. Love on Top – Beyonce

This song is a celebration of love and the catchy tune and heartfelt lyrics will have you tapping  your wanting to dance it out like Queen Bey.


5. Somebody to Love – Justin Bieber ft. Usher

Love or hate him you have to admit the Biebs makes a catchy song and when you throw Usher into the mix it’s a recipe for one of the catchiest upbeat songs around.



6. Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson 

Most of Jack Johnson’s song have such a great chilled but upbeat vibe about them and this cute song about making banana pancakes for his girl in the morning is no exception.


7. For Once In My Life – Craig David 

This cover of Stevie Wonders classic hit is just as upbeat and joyful as the original, put it on repeat and dance around and you’ll be smiling in no time.

Adorable Dogs You Must Follow on Instagram

Your instagram feed can never have too many dogs right? So we’ve found 10 cute dog instagram accounts you need to click ‘follow’ on ASAP.


Cooper is an adorable and very instagram worthy Cavoodle who’s owner posts photos of all the ridiculously cute things Cooper gets up to.



A post shared by Marnie The Dog (@marniethedog) on

Follow Marnie the 13 year old Shih Tzu and her adventures around New York City.



It’s hard not to feel happy when scrolling through Tuna the Chiweenie’s account. His exaggerated overbite and adorable facial expressions are bound to put a smile on your dial.



Neena is a mini longhair English Cream Dachshund who looks a lot like an adorable cartoon character. Neena’s owner is Vine star and comedian Brittany Furlan so it’s any wonder Neena’s account is as entertaining as Brittany is.



Sporte the Frenchie is an adorable dog who belongs to the Founder of the website Bianca Cheah-Chalmers. Follow Sporte’s adventures in Sydney including him having a latte in Bondi and going for long beach walks.



A post shared by @tobypuff on

Toby the Puff is a cream Chow Chow who surprisings love apples and strawberries and likes to dress up in adorable outfits.



A post shared by Beanz hart (@beanzhart) on

Beanz is a rare breed of Chihuahua who tongue is permanently hanging out, just like Marnie the dog which makes them all the more cuter in our opinion. Beanz belongs to hilarious YouTube star Mamrie Hart so it’s no surprise you’ll get a serious laugh out of Beanz account.



A post shared by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

Probably one of the most famous dogs on Instagram and possibly even the world Doug the Pub has over 1.7 million followers and you will often see him posing with various celebrities such as Ryan Seacrest and Chloe Grace Moretz.



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Tazz is described on his instagram account as part bunny & part Aussie… whatever he is he is damn cute and scrolling through his account will brighten up your day.



Ludo Taylor is the most adorable Beagle puppy you will ever see. Honestly who doesn’t want to stare at a puppy all day?

9 TV Series That Should End Now



Don’t get us wrong these shows were unreal in their heyday but all good things need to come to an end at some point and we feel that these TV shows have now surpassed their expiry date. These shows have lost their mojo and should end ASAP before everyone starts to get bored of them and completely forget how great they once were.

9 TV Series That Should End Now